Speaker Installation in Dallas, TX

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Understanding Speaker Systems

A home theater speaker system is composed of multiple speakers, each of which plays a unique role in providing you with a full movie theater-style surround sound experience. Basic stereo sound consists of just two speakers, one on the left and one on the right. Better stereo sound systems add a subwoofer and a center speaker, but for true surround sound, you need either a 5.1 system, which also has rear left and right speakers, a 7.1 system, which adds a second rear speaker to both the left and the right, or even a 7.2 system, which also has two subwoofers.

What Each Speaker Does

Each speaker in a surround sound system does something different:

Front left and right: The front left and right speakers separate the soundtrack into stereo sound. Most TV shows use basic stereo audio tracks, and DVDs generally have a stereo soundtrack option.

Subwoofer: Most speakers do a decent job with high and mid-frequency signals, but do not transmit low frequencies well. A subwoofer is designed to transmit low bass frequencies. If you have a second subwoofer, as in a 7.2 system, you can use it to even out the bass sounds throughout the room.

Center: A center speakers help to separate voices from music, adding a cleaner sound.

Rear left and right: The rear left and right speakers perform much the same function as the front left and right speakers, creating better immersion by allowing movie sounds to come from behind you. If you have a second set of rear speakers, as in a 7.1 or 7.2 system, you can place them in a way that more fully fills the room with sound.

Speaker Installation

Installing a speaker system is both an art and a science. No two home theaters are exactly alike in acoustics, seating placement, screen placement, or other important details, so no two speaker installations are exactly alike. It takes an experienced eye and ear to determine the optimal placement for each speaker, as well as how best to run the cables to avoid tripping hazards or displeasing aesthetics. Your home theater is a place to relax and make memories with friends and loved ones, so it only makes sense to engage a professional installer to make the most of it.

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