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The modern age is sometimes known as the “internet of things,” in which more and more devices and appliances are now “smart,” able to be networked together and controlled remotely. Home automation is, at its heart, the combining of most of your home’s devices, from light switches to thermostats to door locks, into a network that you can control via computer or mobile device from anywhere on the globe.

Home Automation Basics

There are two components to home automation. The first involves the “smart” capabilities of each individual device. For example, you may be able to program your coffeemaker to start at 6 a.m. (a time-dependent event), or program your lights to come on if the alarm goes off (a situation-dependent event).

For true home automation, you must be able to connect your devices to a network and remotely monitor and access them. Today’s home automation networks generally work on any internet-connected device, anywhere in the world. Monitoring not only lets you ensure that devices are working properly, but it also allows you to access their history. For example, you should be able to pull up a video feed from your home security cameras. Many smart devices can also be programmed to send notifications, from severe weather alerts to telling you when someone unlocks your home.

In reality, it can be difficult to fully automate your home under this definition, as not all devices work seamlessly with each other. In many cases, complete automation is limited to safety features such as door and window locks, security cameras, thermostats, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide sensors. With some professional guidance, though, you can also find lamps, power outlets, appliances, and other smart devices that will work on your network.

What to Look for in a Home Automation System

Choosing a home automation system can be complicated. Before you begin, educate yourself on the possibilities. Many people think of such basics as turning on lights and controlling the air conditioner, but are surprised to learn just how many smart devices are now on the market for every aspect of the modern home. Of course, the more complicated a home automation system is, the pricier it is, so your budget will also be a factor.

Choose a system that can grow with you in the future, rather than maxing out the capacity of a lower-quality system now. Make sure the system uses a hub that supports a variety of device connections such as Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi, and Z-Wave. The more connection opportunities it provides, the greater your range of choices for individual devices.

Pay attention to the interface as well. Some systems use complex web interfaces and mobile apps with a steep learning curve, while others are simple and easy to learn. Choose one that feels natural to you, while providing the functionality you desire.

Professional Installation

While some home automation networks offer the option for DIY setup, this is not recommended. An experienced professional installer has the knowledge and skills you need to guide you through the process of choosing your network and smart devices, connecting everything together, and ensuring that it all works as it should.

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