Custom Speaker Systems in Dallas, TX

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In many cases, an off the shelf speaker system is just fine. A 5.1 system is the most common, featuring two front speakers, two rear speakers, a center speaker, and a subwoofer. A 7.1 system adds two more rear speakers, while a 7.2 system also includes a second subwoofer. If you are a true audiophile, or simply want a system that is a bit more personalized, Dallas Installer Pro can help.

Satellite Speakers

Satellite speakers are frequently including in speaker packages, but they are also sold separately. They are small and discreet, making them easy to place even in a small room. Most commonly used as rear speakers, they can also be used for front speakers (including the center speaker). Satellite speakers tend to struggle with lower frequencies, though this can be somewhat mitigated with a subwoofer. Audiophiles, though, may find them unacceptable.

Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf speakers are larger than satellite speakers, but still small enough to fit on a bookshelf or cabinet top. They can be used as front or rear speakers, provided you have enough space. They give a full range of sound on their own, and balance well with a subwoofer. Some work best when near a wall, while others can be placed anywhere.

Floor Speakers

Floor speakers, also known as tower speakers, give the best listening experience, especially for music. They can cover nearly the entire frequency range of human hearing, including very low bass sounds. A floor speaker contains numerous small speakers, each of which plays specific frequencies with a precise crossover.

Due to their size, floor speakers are typically used for the front left and right speakers. They can be placed in the rear as well, for optimal music listening, though those who are primarily interested in movie sound should be aware that film soundtracks use little low frequency sound at the rear. There is no need for a subwoofer for music listening, though a subwoofer is ideal for movie watching.

Subwoofer Options

Subwoofers are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. These include:

Amplification: Most subwoofers contain a built-in amplifier, but audiophiles may prefer a passive subwoofer connected to a separate amplifier.

Cone Size: Assuming everything else is equal, the bigger the cone, the more powerful the bass. Cone sizes for typical home subwoofers range from 6 inches to 15 inches, while even bigger options are available in the professional market.

Ported vs Sealed: Sealed subwoofers are typically more compact with a more controlled lower end. Ported subwoofers tend to be larger, with an open port that boosts the bass.

Down-Firing vs Front-Firing: The practical difference between these types of subwoofers is small. A down-firing subwoofer has a hidden cone and a more controlled sound near walls.

Special Speaker Types

Bipole and dipole speakers enclose two separate speakers within one unit. Bipole speakers are in-phase with each other, while dipole speakers are 180 degrees out of phase. Both create more robust sound than traditional speakers. Elevation speakers utilize Dolby Atmos technology to direct sound upward and bounce it off the ceiling.

Custom Installations

In-ceiling speakers are an excellent way to keep your surround sound system from dominating the aesthetics of the room. Some lie flat along the ceiling, while others drop down from the ceiling at the press of a button. In-ceiling speakers can be used for all but the subwoofer.

In-wall speakers are similar to in-ceiling speakers, so which to choose is simply a matter of preference and room layout. Some people combine both, using in-wall installation for the main speakers and in-ceiling installation for elevation speakers.

Wireless speakers have become extremely popular, especially for the rear speakers and subwoofer. They remove the concerns about running long pieces of speaker wire throughout the room, freeing you up to optimize the placement of the speakers. Some audiophiles question whether wireless connections are as reliable as wired connections, and whether they provide equivalent sound quality, though technological breakthroughs have begun to address these concerns.

Your home theater is uniquely yours. It only makes sense to choose a custom speaker system that allows you to truly optimize your listening experience. Professional guidance is highly recommended.

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